Windsock Accessories covers all those items which must be considered to enable your windsock to reach its full potential and includes  Rotor Arm Pivots or Side Arms and Windsock Frames both single or dual ring as well as Colour selection

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Windsock Pivots: Stainless Steel Rotor Arm; also known as Side Arm or Boom Arm Pivots

  • Medium duty SS Pivot 60cm x 6mm SS Rod with Acetal Bushing for windsocks 120cm (4′) to 180cm (6’)
  • Heavy duty SS 60cm length x 8mm SS Rod with Acetal Bushing for windsocks 240-260cm (8’- 8’6″)
  • M/D & H/D SS Pivots attached to any sized pole or your existing mast
  • Attachment via Rivets or SS Nuts and Bolts which will be supplied if requested

Windsock Frames

  • Stainless Steel Windsock Frames/Cages with Ring/Mouth diameters 30cm to 90cm (12″ to 36″)
  • Stainless Steel Windsock Frames/Cages Extended Double & Eyebrow Ring/Mouth 30cm to 90cm

Windsock Colour Range

  • Windsock colours can vary widely with  the White, Yellow and Orange predominating
  • Of particular interest at the current time is  Neon Yellow and Neon Orange two beautiful standout colours (literally)
  • At the current time we are using 135gsm knitted polyester interlocked Triglobal fabric suitable for customised digital printing of windsocks

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Windsock Poles / Posts / Masts

  • Windsock Poles or Masts likewise vary considerably based upon end use and location with both Heavy Duty Base Plate, In-Ground and Wall Mount ‘Swing Down’ Poles in demand be they in Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel
  • Mid-Hinged Poles are ideal in situations where space maybe at a premium and cherry pickers are not accessible
  • Poles materials likewise vary and we are able to supply Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel and  Aluminium  poles ranging from 3m to 8.5m
  • Into this range also is our offering of Solar or Mains Powered WDI’s (Wind Direction Indicators) with 4-Way Illumination Mounts, cabling along with the necessary Certification
  • Increasingly there is a demand for our Portable Carbon Fibre Windsock Poles which can be erected quickly for Hazard and Emergency Response Units

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Approvals & Placement of Windsocks

  • We remind that CASA does not approve windsocks and there is no approval process; there is a recommended standard for major airports only
  • Where prior inspection of a potential windsock site is involved arrangements can be made where feasible to discuss and jointly determine the suitability of the proposed site
  • The top of a hill or mound is not necessarily the best location for the placement of a windsock as wind conditions can vary considerably from conditions elsewhere
  • The top of a hangar is also not great for windsock placement due to turbulence factors
  • In regards to windsock placement please be mindful of trees, buildings and other facilities as well as line of sight so that employees or other involved public can see the windsock(s)

How to Order or Enquire

Please call us on 0417 096 202 or email for a quick response

A Tax Invoice will be forwarded and payment is via Card or EFT