The weathervane is back in style as a beautiful piece of art and our Australian fabricated weathervane is a truly scientifically engineered precision weather instrument responding to the slightest breeze due to the encased dual sealed SS Bearings  


What do you get with the weathervane?

Pleasingly a hand-held digital TFA (German) Anemometer thrown-in for good measure which saves you from rushing back to your desk top or mobile device

What is our customer reaction?

Wonderful; just ask Michelle from Kalbarri WA; How’s it going Michelle–“Good actually very good as we do get a lot of strong winds here—” (Kalbarri is located on the W.A. coast above Geraldton) and a very high wind region be it an Easterly via the Great Australian Bight or a Westerly via the Indian Ocean

Some background

The contemporary and thoroughly modern unique  Weathervane will operate in as little as a 0.5 kph breeze and can withstand cyclonic force winds

Testing has been thorough and over an extended period of time to ensure what you’re getting is the absolute top-drawer in relation to Weathervanes

Originally derived from Fascinating Electronics the Wind Speed Cups are hand-spun Marine Grade Aluminum, as is the Laser-cut Wind direction Fin. Machined hardware is 316 grade  Stainless Steel. Precision fully-enclosed roller bearings insure a smooth flowing operation and long life.

This is an ingenious weather instrument as well as a piece of art that you can  proudly display at your home,  school, business or sporting venue


Ideal for sports including lawn bowls, tennis, sailing, archery, rifle clubs where wind direction and conditions can be critical

In addition to its direct applications it serves as a  wonderful conversation starter but remember it isn’t a Rooster so won’t crow in the morning


The  Weathervane is guaranteed to be free from defects due to workmanship and materials used. Quality control is paramount. Mast is not included; comes as an optional extra

Easy assembly which is a bonus 

Weathervane Assembly

This classic piece of modern engineering not only enhances your property, it is a joy to watch in action.

Owners become addicted to the presence of this useful weather addition and monitor it throughout the day. After owning one for a short time, nearly everyone says they could not part with it

Operates anywhere regardless of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Can be assembled in minutes using tools you already have.

Wind velocity and wind direction components come pre-assembled,  balanced and ready to install.

The  Weathervane is approximately 45cm tall and 60cm wide when assembled.

Will not disturb wildlife, birds, dogs, cats or other domestic or farm animals but will intrigue you as it’s just so accurate

Pricing Great Value

$300.00 + GST + Postage


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