Windsock & Weather Instrument

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How to Measure Windsocks

Method 1
Measure around the complete circumference of the throat of the windsock. Divide that measurement by 3.14. This will calculate the diameter of the windsock in inches.
Method 2
Lay your windsock flat on a table or floor. Measure from one side to the opposite side of the throat. Take that measurement & multiply by 2, then divide by 3.14. The result is the diameter of your windsock.
Method 3
To determine the diameter of your windsock, measure from side to side through the middle of your windsock frame

Windsock Custom Printing Logo or Design

Logo or print height is approximately half the throat or mouth diameter of the windsock and is normally printed on both sides of the windsock reading left to right
With logo or lettering on your windsock we strive to get the best results for you and also us as we value the feedback and certainly any pictures that you on-forward
Where a logo/lettering is required we are not after a picture/design that has been taken and then reduced to something like 420 x 300 as we need to increase the size to something like 400 or 500+ to get the clearest (read sharpest) image possible to send to our printers
As such we recommend your logo/lettering ideally be in a pdf format @ 800+ KB’s

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